Speaker Exchange

Welcome to the Pinellas County Speaker Exchange “Meet the Speakers” speaker meeting. The purpose of this weekly meeting is to introduce to the AA community in the Tampa Bay Area to our Speakers and our Groups in the hopes of promoting participation by ALL counties in our region.

Our goal is to grow the relationship beyond our borders that we may come together to Carry a strong message of recovery while promoting fellowship without boundaries.

Our vision is good ole fashion AA road trips supporting our groups and speakers while making new friends in areas we might not have had the opportunity to visit. That’s when God works best!!

The A.A.“Speaker Exchange” Acts As A “Hub” for Participating Groups To Share Information So That They May Have Their “Exchange Speakers” Visit Each Others Groups And Share Their Story Of Recovery.

One Alcoholic relating to another Alcoholic is how this miraculous program of recovery started and continues today.

Please fill in the information below to get you and/or your group involved. Carry the message and get to know other groups across the county or invite them to speak at your group. Take a car load to support your speakers and make it like old time AA!!

Groups With Members Who Are Willing To Go To Other Groups To Share Their Story Of Recovery.

To help alcoholics everywhere.