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Happy Thanksgiving   Happy Holiday 2020

The incoming “steering committee elect”  -wants to/or not-  to inform member groups of their determination to change a great many things they feel have become due. There are many phrases used throughout the New Policy & Procedure Document found below such as; to build more trust, understanding, confidence, and transparency. They also mention something about an idea to foster unity and facilitate a spirit of collaboration.                                                                                                                             No one wants to believe all this is true, amicable, and spiritually motivated more than p/t and myself as staffers.

Well, inside of two months time, 3 executive and 1 standing committee chair has asked to disassociate themselves from the committee and have stepped down from their position due to constant bullying and attacks coming from the new panel towards the other volunteer positions who do not share their same philosophy. This “philosophy” sprung upon everyone seems driven by evil. An actual quote from a former member.

Now as to the fate of a paid manager yours truly, these individuals seem hell bent on my removal. So in my minds eye the collaboration they speak of would possibly be to next build the case for my actual removal?

Should the panel elect be allowed to proceed as is we will ultimately see the eventual disintegration of the office.  

New Policy & Procedure Document

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