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The Pinellas County Intergroup Anniversary Dinner will be held Saturday, February 18, 2017. For more information, click here!  

The Pinellas County Intergroup picnic will be held the 4TH Sunday of April, 2017, not the LAST Sunday. Click here for more picnic information.



There are several different types of meetings - open, closed, beginners, speakers, etc. To learn what these different types of meetings are, click here.

Meetings by Area This will show a map of Pinellas County with each area color coded. Click on one of the colored circles on the map to see a list of meetings for that area.
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Meetings by Time This will take you to the Advanced Meeting Search page. Scroll down to the "Time" category, which will show time slots from 6:00am to midnight. Check the boxes next to the time slots in which you would like to see meetings and click the "Search" button.
 Advanced Meeting Search Search using multiple criteria, i.e., Beginners' meeting on Sunday, for non-smoker women, etc.
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As always, the Unity Speakers' meeting needs support. If your group would like to host the meeting one Saturday, sign up by clicking here and submitting the sign-up form. For more information, visit the Unity Speaker Meeting pages on this web site or contact the Unity Chairperson, by clicking here for the Contact Form.

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